Bruno Azevedo Talks About His MMA Career Leading to Winning the XFC World Flyweight Title

Bruno Azevedo

Bruno Azevedo defeated Allan Nascimento and made history in the XFC.

Original article by OlimpoMMA- DARIO FERRARI 
(Translated to English from Portuguese) 

March 14 2015, in an event held at the Sao Paulo Futbol Clube, inside the Morumbi, Brasilia’s Bruno  Azevedo (13v-2d) made history in MMA by beating Sao Paulo’s  Allan Nascimento to win the first XFC Men’s Flyweight World Championship

After the victory and winning the belt, Bruno had a chat with OlimpoMMA and spoke of his career in MMA leading to fighting for the title in XFC, the challenges he faced and the joy of making history in the fastest growing sport in the world.

OlimpoMMA: How does it feel to become the first holder of the XFC Flyweight belt?

Bruno:  For me it is an honor, I was already honored to receive the opportunity, the call to fight in the XFC  came from my friend Roger. He is a guy who always helped me, we have trained together since childhood, he always accompanied me to events, I go where he tells me, he supports me. On December 21st I got my black belt in jiu-jitsu from Master João Roque in Brasilia . On December 22 I thought to myself, I’m leaving for Rio de Janeiro to train, in search of my dream, I do not know what went through my head, I felt something good is going to come to me. I spent Christmas and the New Year away from my daughter, my family, my wife, but still, I was in search of my dream. When I was living in Rio de Janeiro, Roger called me and asked, ‘Bruno, you want to fight in the XFC’? and I said, of course, because my teammates  Will Galvão and Poliana Botelho, from Nova Uniao  already have a relationship fighting there. Then I went and spoke to my master André Pederneiras and told him that an opportunity had arose for me to fight for the organization and he said yes, I could sign the contract. I called Roger back and said yes, I can sign, my master approves and Roger replied, so I’ll close the details and you will be fighting for the belt. That is when my leg got tight, I did not know if I was happy… there was a mixture of feelings that I can not explain.  I called my mother, talked to her, I cried, it was a dream for our family. I came from a very humble family, my mom sold hot dogs in a theater and she sent me 15-20 dollars a day . To train I would walk more than 50 minutes a day to get to the gym. It is an honor today to be fighting for XFC, it is a dream come true and I thank God that I got the opportunity to fight for the belt, I put all my strategy and all my training from Nova Uniao to use. I am so happy to be taking the belt home, I’m even more glad … without words.

OlimpoMMA: How hard did you work to get here, what is the meaning of this belt?

Bruno: This belt symbolizes all my life’s work, all my dreams, everything I believe, I do not see myself doing anything else in life besides fighting, a defeat for us would have been a step back. Persuing my dream, this means everything to me. Now I just really want to go home, kiss my daughter, and take my whole family to Rio de Janeiro to be close to me.  That belt to me means all the work I did in life has paid off.

OlimpoMMA: Was Allan a very difficult fight for you, was he more difficult than you imagined?

Bruno: Of course, we always  have a strategy to take the first punch in the face, but that’s it. Allan is a world-class athlete and to have fought for the belt he is very well trained. I have always admired him, his team and his coach Diego Lima, the Thominhas, (Thomas Almeida). But I have a good team too, we have good coaches, it was a war, but I won because I managed to impose my strategy best.

OlimpoMMA: What do you have to say to those who challenge you for your belt?

Bruno: In my next fight you can expect another Bruno, more focused, more trained. I work for the XFC, whoever they put in front of me I will face. I stand up, I am the son of Ceará, so I’m ready to give a beating, to whom ever the organization says I will face.

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