Details Prove to Be More Then Meets the Eye With Michel “Demolidor” Pereira | XFC Spotlight


Attention to detail is key to a fighter and his trainer throughout training camp and especially during a fight. Being able to read and react to your opponent’s tactics in a split second is what separates those with a meticulous will from the rest of us.  Sometimes acute attention to detail is even needed by the fans to understand their favorite fighter, as some reveal intimate details of who they are and where they come from inside the heXagon. One of those is Michel “Demolidor” Pereira, who carries a special friend with him during fight night.


In the two fights “Demolidor” has fought with the XFC he finds himself 2-0 and set to fight for the Season II Welterweight Finale at XFCi 10. With both victories Pereira has also displayed his good luck charm Demolidorzinho or “Lil’ Demolidor” as he calls the stuffed animal toy monkey. The tan, soft and furry “Lil’ Demolidor” has been by Michel’s side for the past four years as a calming force for the 12-4 warrior. Entering his fifth year as a professional, Pereira has had great success thus far, but that success has come from some tragedy.

Four years ago Michel lost his girlfriend, who before she passed away gave him Demolidorzinho as a remembrance. Going through the worst phase of his life personally was also the beginning of his mma career, where he won his first two bouts viciously by TKO’s. Focusing his pain and emotions into his fighting gave Pereira an outlet to release and also a new friend to remind him of his beloved departed. Now “Lil’ Demolidor” represents Michel’s friends, family, and the people who are supporting him. The little good luck charm relieves him of his nervousness as fight night approaches, making him want to fight, with a calm and peaceful mind.