Dora Perjes prepares to meet Maryna Moroz in the Semifinals at XFCi 9

After winning her quarterfinals match against Luana Santos Medeiros via 1st round submission at XFCi 7 Dora Perjes (7-0) said this about the impending XFCi 9 match-up between herself and (5-0) Maryna Moroz .  “We (my team and I) know our task, on which we are working on at full speed.  Moroz is very talented in jiu jitsu, you must pay attention to it. Unfortunately, we did not see anything (during her fight) about her stand up game.”

XFCi 9 will host the semifinals of the S. II Women’s Strawweight Tournament and where these 2 smooth submission starlets will have their chance to earn a place in the Season II Finals!


XFCi 7: Sao Paulo BrazilXFCi 7: Sao Paulo Brazil


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