Finland Strawweight Vuokko Katainen on Fighter Dieting & Weight Cutting

Vuokko Katainen

Outside of the heXagon, the Finnish Vuokko Katainen prides herself in her courage to take risks. She has left her homeland behind to train in the U.S. and Brasil in order to prepare for XFCi 10 this July 4th in São Paulo. However, one aspect of her life in which she cannot afford to take risks is diet. With the help of a nutritionist, she maintains a calculated balance.

What does this balance look like?

Though the intake varies from day to day, Vuokko says foods she often consumes include porridge, berries, chicken, rice, fruits and lots of salad. When a big fight is approaching, a slight change in diet occurs about a month and a half prior. She does not change the foods she eats necessarily, but rather she eats the same foods in smaller portions.

During this training, there must be added supplements, right?

Yes. Protein shakes and glutamine. Essential Amino Acids, or EAAs, are her go-to for a supplement while training.

After the fight…

Vuokko eats what she wants. She makes up for time lost with her favorite foods.

Foods she misses the most…

When Vuokko Katainen is dieting, she craves pizza. Who doesn’t? She says she also misses homemade Finnish foods, which includes fish, potatoes and good salad. For dessert, just like everyone else, she loves chocolate and ice cream.

Article by: Chezney Peel