Finland’s Vuokko Katainen and USA’s James Gray Begin Training for XFCi 10 at Scorpion Fighting Systems in Michigan

Vuokko Katainen - James Gray Camp

Grand Rapids, MI | June 8th, 2015 – With the official announcement of XFCi 10 fighters have begun their preparations for the July 4th event in São Paulo. As the Season II Tournament fighters have advanced on to their respective divisions Semifinals and Championships, so have some of their relationships outside of the hexagon. The XFC family extends far from the lights and wars seen event night, and in this case across the Atlantic Ocean.

Vuokko Katainen - James Gray Camp

Vuokko Katainen has traveled from Finland to train with James “The Phenom” Gray at Scorpion Fight System (SFS) in Michigan, along with a number of other female professionals from around the world. With both XFC warriors set to compete for their divisions Season II Tournament Championships, the opportunity to train together seemed fitting. With James hosting the Female Mega Camp at SFS he was honored to have Vuokko attend. By having the opportunity to share their early camp together they have been able to learn some new insights on their fighting styles, along with getting their bodies and minds prepared for fight night.

Vuokko Katainen - James Gray Camp

Katainen who resides in Kuopio, Finland traveled nearly 7,000 km over two days by bus and plane to arrive at SFS. With just one minor flight change hiccup in her travel schedule she made it on time to begin camp this past Weekend. Having never had the opportunity to train with an all female group she expressed how grateful she was for this opportunity. Living in a city of 100,000 people, there is only one other female fighter who is an amatuer Vuokko is able to train with while home. Being able now to train with a dozen professional females she has been able to learn much more of her sport and style against the others attending camp.

James Vuokko

With a friendship built through the XFC Vuokko and James will continue camp into the coming week, before both will part ways to enter the bulk of their training. In little over a month they will reunite in São Paulo during fight week ready to fight for Tournament Gold on July 4th.

Regional Coverage of the SFS WMMA Supercamp was also featured on Fox News in Michigan: (Click here to watch)

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