Interview with RedeTV & XFC Presenter Fabiana Mello

Interview with Fabiana Mello


She is beautiful, charming, intelligent and dangerous. Yes, dangerous! Being a journalist, Master of Ceremonies, model, martial artist, presenter and MMA side judge; RedeTV’s muse holds qualities that only a few women have. We are talking about Fabiana Mello and of course we  invited this lady to a delightful interview.

– How do you see MMA in Brazil?

Brazil is the birthplace of MMA. And with the popularity of the sport, especially through television and internet, the fights are popular even amongst families.

– MMA is a sport that is generally thought of as masculine but recently even women have entered the professional ranks … 

In fact I think MMA was a predominantly male sport, but no longer is it viewed that way. The XFC, for example, greatly values ​their female fighters and always has women’s bouts at their events, who are often the favorite of the public.

– You present and comment on the XFC on RedeTV …

I was already a presenter on RedeTV in another program when I was invited to present for the XFC. I was very happy, because martial arts have been a part of my life for almost two decades, and it’s something I enjoy.  I am also certified as a MMA side judge (who is the person who gives the points to athletes in each round, pointing a winner and a loser). Commentating on XFC’s fights for RedeTV is very gratifying to me. In addition I get to be next to great guys like Fernando Navarro, who is a presenter and commentator, and  narrator Marcelo do Ó.


– You purple belt in Jiu-Jitsu and brown in kung fu. What led you to enjoy these sports?

Well, I was always a tomboy as a child. I always liked boyish things like skateboarding and playing football in the street. But I also had my Barbies.
When I was a little bit older, my mother put me in ballet and I was in denial. Later I discovered jazz and thought it was way cooler, but it still was not my thing. As a teenager, I had friends who trained kung-fu. I decided to try it out – eight years  later I still practice kung-fu and am at the brown belt level, but I also fell in love with another martial art, which is  jiu-jitsu.

XFC close

– Of the fights you have presented, which struck you the most and why?

It was the struggle between Cairo Rocha and Michel Pereira at XFCi9 . The two gave a show in the welterweight semifinals (77kg). It was an exciting fight, with almost acrobatic moves.

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