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Kate da Silva Signing

Article by: Cool Sports Guy


Kate Da Silva walked into Gracie Gym/Porrada MMA in the hopes that her four-year old son could get training in BJJ. Her son lacked confidence and as a single mother was also missing a male figure in his life. This is where she met her husband Roney Da Silva, who took on the role of being a teacher to her son. He kept asking for her to come and do one of his classes and in time she finally built up the courage and attended. “BJJ completely changed my life” she says. “At that time I had just quit smoking and was overweight. I instantly fell in love with the sport and couldn’t believe how quickly I saw results.” The Kiwi culture involved a lot of drinking, she was uncofident and overweight and the sport changed her outlook about herself in a positive way. She says “It made me feel so good about myself and gave me so much confidence.”


She trained in BJJ initially and for the past 6 years now has been also involved in MMA. She enjoys what she does and this fits in well in the gym she trains. “I was a bit of a tomboy growing up and it’s a more male dominant environment normally. At the moment we have more females on the mats training which is so awesome!” She has taken plenty from her time at Gracie Gym and one of the key things is self-confidence.

That confidence has molded her into the athlete she is today. She trains hard and this is nothing new to her. For the past 10 years she has trained 5 days a week. This training regimen consists of 3 days of BJJ and 2 days of Muay Thai/MMA. “When I have an upcoming fight I strength train and condition in the mornings, run, stair sprints, swimming on lunch breaks as well as my evening classes.” The week doesn’t end there for her though and Kate will train for an additional 3 hours on Saturday. “Sundays are normally my day off but I can’t help myself sometimes and train a little unless there is MMA on tv.” she laughs. She adds “I’ve definitely stepped up with my training 2-3 times a day 6 days a week compared to just training 5 days a week once a day.”


The life of an MMA fighter is never easy. You know when you come into this sport there will be sacrifices to be made. To some, these challenges are enough to deter from the life that is ahead. To Kate, these are the things that make her stronger. Balancing work, family, training as well as being a wife, mother, fighter are made easier with the support of her family. “It’s tough but I manage it well with the support of my husband. It’s reassuring knowing he is at home with our 2-year-old and gets our children off to school each day while I work. We have a great routine and I am so lucky He is my main coach too.” Her family is the main part of her life “Our whole family trains together so we always see each other at our gym. It gets tough at times as we don’t have family close by to support us but we have amazing friends who always support us by babysitting the kids when I travel to fight and such.”

“Don’t give up on your dreams and goals and just believe in yourself always.” Those are some words of advice that she has for other women that are trying to make it into the sport. She has seen these obstacles in front of her and has fought hard to get to where she is today. “This sport isn’t just physical, it’s also a real mentally challenging sport. So I just suggest to any female starting to keep at it and make sure you have lots of support.”

Article by: Cool Sports Guy