Poliana Botelho Knocks Out Antonia Silvaneide to Earn Season II Women’s Flyweight Tournament Championship

Poliana Botelho vs Antonia Silvaneide

Poliana Botelho knocks out Antonia Silvaneide in the first round to earn Women’s Flyweight Tournament Championship.

In the co-main event of the night, defining the champion of the Season II Women’s Flyweight Tournament, Poliana Botelho and Antonia Silvaneide. The two showcased great professionalism, as being representatives of sister academies. As to not choose one fighter over the other, Silvaneide’s head coach Jair Lourenço elected not to attend the event; he had been the cornermen of Botelho in her previous fight.

Devastating knockout earns Poliana Botelho the Season II Flyweight Tournament Championship

Inside the heXagon, Botelho performed like an elite muay thai specialist.Within 1min 36sec of the first round, she landed a straight right, square on her opponents chin, sending Silvaneide to the canvas where Botelho finished the fight via TKO.

Poliana Botelho & President Myron Molotky

Earning her fourth win in five fights, and taking home the coveted Tournament Championship Gold Medal, Botelho instantly verbalized a challenge against Season I tournament champion, Argentine Silvana “La Wicked” Juarez. “I will take as many fights as necessary to get to the belt. I’m ready to face Silvana, a very fair champions duel. My dream is to be the best in the world in my weight class and I know I need to face the best. This medal means a lot to me and I dedicate it to everyone in Muriaé (MG), my city,” concluded Poliana.

The night was a historic one for team Nova Uniao, which also earned the women’s tournament championship in the same category, won by Poliana Botelho, who knocked out Antonia Silvaneide in the first round. The card had ten duels with triumphs including a mix of tapouts, tko’s, and decisions, which defined the finalists of the Season II tournaments and advanced a set of Superfight debutants into the XFC rankings of their divisions.

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