The Emergence of Finland’s Vuokko Katainen Continues in the Season II StrawweightTournament Finale | XFC Spotlight

Vuokko Katainen

Grand Rapids, MI | April 13th, 2015 – Being matched against a solidified undefeated fighter is no easy task. Taking on one in a new weight class is an even tougher task, but Vuokko Katainen did just that at XFCi 9 and will do so again at XFCi 10. Defeating Dora Perjes in a tough three round semifinal bout by unanimous decision this past event, Katainen has earned her place in the Season II Strawweight Championship. As she did in her previous fight, Vuokko will take on another undefeated warrior in Viviane Pereira, but this time tournament gold will be the prize for the winner.

Vuokko Katainen will return in her newly found weight class, which proved to be an easy adjustment for the Finnish native. The 5’5” warrior represents Gladiator Factory in her third fight with the XFC. Displaying her strong ground skills in her last bout, Vuokko will look once again to the canvas to damper her undefeated opponent in the Season II Finale. With her first victory in the XFC at XFCi 9, she now holds a 3-2-1 overall record, and is 1-0 fighting as a strawweight.

The powerful striking Vuokko Katainen will look to use her height advantage once again to establish a solid distance between herself and her opponent. The European fighter will now take on a Brazilian for the Season II Strawweight Tournament Championship at XFCi 10. Overcoming her adversity has been a constant theme for this warrior and she has embraced it, showcasing her fluidity with change, just as the XFC has in creating an international fighting promotion to showcase these types of talents. As XFCi 10 nears closer, the intensity in Katainen’s camp increases as she prepares for her chance at tournament gold.

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