X-Girl Aline Franzoi interviews with Sports Gazette | XFC Spotlight

Playboy and X-Girl model Aline Franzoi reveals her excitement for the XFC event and that she practices Jiu Jitsu.

This article has been translated from Portuguese to English using Google Translate. To read the full interview in the original language (Portuguese) please click here.

Model conversation with the blog on his debut at XFC Saturday - Personal Archive

Saturday, February 8, the XFC (Xtreme Fighting Championship) makes its debut in Brazil.

Rising model and presenter, Aline Franzoi ring girl for the XFC in São Paulo, revealed to be excited for the premiere of the American event in the country. Aline made the cover of Brazilian Playboy in September 2013, revealed that she has begun training Jiu Jitsu and is loves the martial art. Aline also has been a ring girl in the UFC and the Brazilian event SFT (Standout Fighting Tournament).

Aline shows wear clothing that will debut at the XFC in Brazil on Saturday - Personal Archive

Planet Octagon – How does it feel to have been invited by the American XFC event to be a ring girl in their debut in Brazil?

Aline Franzoi – I feel very honored and happy for the invitation because I love the fight world.

Planet Octagon –   Beyond the XFC and UFC, you have worked in the SFT event in Sao Paulo. How do you see the National MMA backstage?

Aline Franzoi –  All events that I have participated in are to be congratulated, all are very organized.

In Brazil this sport has grown so much, it makes all the promoters wish to be the best possible show.

Planet Octagon –  Do you think events in Brazil could cause a big impact if only fighters from this country are used?

Aline Franzoi –  Sure, Brazil has great athletes, we have a large number of standout fighters in this sport.

Muse's cover of the Argentinian edition of men's magazine this month - Disclosure Playboy

Planet Octagon –  How has it been for you being first model of an international MMA event to pose naked in the largest magazine of its kind in the world?

Aline Franzoi –  It was very good. I am very grateful for my work.

The nude work had a very nice concept, it was nothing vulgar, and has brought me more modeling work today.

Planet Octagon –  The XFC will be broadcast on open network, nationwide TV this weekend. Are you very excited about this opportunity?

Aline Franzoi –  Yes, of course! Each event is a new experience, every event I get excited.

Planet Octagon – How are your workouts at the gym? Are you going to start practicing a martial art?

Aline Franzoi –  I keep my workouts up to date. I love training, I try to go to the gym every day.

Yes, I started training Jiu-Jitsu, I’m really loving it.

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Aline Franzoi –  I thank all of you who follow my career! Thanks for caring and the support. You can access my website and follow me on social networks. Thank you very much.

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