XFC Bantamweight James Gray on Fighter Dieting & Cutting Weight

James Gray

In order to compete at such a high level, most would assume that all MMA athletes follow a very strict diet plan, and in most cases this is very true. However, James Gray may be considered an exception to this typical athlete in a few ways.

Gray does not take any supplements when he is training, in order to enrich his time at the gym. There is one drug that his body requires in order to perform at a maximum level: caffeine.

But not just caffeine in its purest form

He says he often enjoys a Coca-Cola before training or a fight. Gray does not count carbohydrates, calories, or even number of meals in a day. He eats when he is feeling hungry. As it pertains to his training that day, he will eat in portions according to how hard he worked out.

But there must be foods he avoids, right?

Again, James Gray breaks the mold. He admits that he probably should avoid overly processed foods, especially fast foods, but in reality he ends up only avoiding foods that just simply do not taste good to him.

When asked about his top five go-to foods…

“Thai food, sushi, pizza, burgers, hot wings. In that order.”

Making weight

Though James Gray keeps this lenient diet on regular days, making weight is an area that he does pay special attention to. In order to manipulate his weight, he fluctuates his water intake and sodium levels. He also does several sauna and hot bath sessions the days immediately before and of weigh-ins in order to achieve his necessary weight.

Surely his diet must fluctuate pre- and post-fight.

For 24 hours before a big fight James Gray consumes about a liter of water every hour and continues doing this until 4 hours before his fight. Another time that his diet requires special attention is during recovery after a fight. Gray loads up on as many relatively healthy carbs and electrolytes as possible.

Article by: Chezney Peel