XFC Continues Their Commitment to Community Support with Visit to the Darcy Vargas Children’s Hospital

XFC visit darcy

Oct. 29th, 2014 – São Paulo, Brazil  With the  Season II International Tournament & Superfight Series under way, the XFC now returns to São Paulo, Brazil for their second event of the series live on Rede TV!, streamed on XFCMMA.com.

On Wednesday, XFC President Myron D. Molotky (@Molotky),  XFC staff, fighters Vanessa Melo, Willian Cilli, Rede TV! & others visited the Darcy Vargas Children’s Hospital to spend time with the children as part of an ongoing community engagement mission.

XFC darcy melo

Filling the room with smiles, playing games, and spending quality time with the children, the fighters showed a different side of their lives than what most MMA fans ever get to see. Teammate or opponent, the XFC fighters show no signs of the what their jobs will entail just days from now. Through the children’s giggles and the smiles being shared, one would likely never guess that the new visitors to the hospital will days later step into the XFC HeXagon to fight live on national television.

xfc myron darcy

The XFC stands proud as they represent an MMA organization that is more than great fights, fighters and events. The “X” symbolizes respect, courage, determination, INTEGRITY and HONOR. Fans, fighters, friends, and all those in between can be seen making the “X” in pictures from all around the World. The XFC made this visit to the Darcy Vargas Children’s Hospital as part of their continuing social commitment to the communities the promotion hosts events in. Because of these types of actions, “X” principles will remain long after the fights become a memory.


To find out more about the Darcy Vargas Children’s Hospital, visit http://www.hidv.saude.sp.gov.br For more information on the XFC, visit www.XFCMMA.com.