XFC President Myron Molotky, Fighters, Staff and Redetv! Spend Time at the APAE Disability Center in Araraquara Brazil

XFC visits APAE

The Association of Parents and Friends of Exceptional Children (APAE ) is an association in which, in addition to parents and friends of the exceptional, the entire community comes together to prevent and treat disabilities while promoting the welfare and development of people with disabilities. The APAEs’s main mission is to provide social services as it relates to improving the quality of life of the disabled, while increasing awareness to society.

On September 24th, 2014, XFC President Myron D. Molotky (@Molotky), the  XFC staff, and several XFC fighters visited the APAE Disability Center in Araraquara, Brazil.

Challenger, Champion, or opponent, the XFC fighters showed no signs of the what their true jobs would entail just days later. Through the children’s giggles and the smiles being shared, you’d never know that the new visitors to the center that day were set to step into the XFC HeXagon to fight live on national television.

The XFC team and the APAE students spent the day creating memories that would last a life time.  The two groups spent hours playing games together, taking pictures, and bringing smiles to each others faces. From fake face-offs with some of the kids who told their new friends of their aspirations of being mixed martial artists one day, shooting some hoops together, on to playing relay games, all roads lead to happiness.

The XFC stands proud as they represent an MMA organization that is more than great fights, fighters and events. The “X” symbolizes respect, courage, determination, INTEGRITY and HONOR. Fans, fighters, friends, and all those in between can be seen making the “X” in pictures from all around the World. On Wednesday, the XFC made this visit to the APAE disability center as part of their continuing social commitment to the communities they visit Because of these types of actions, “X” principles will remain long after the fights become a memory.

To find out more about APAE Araraquara and local APAE facilities, visit www.apaeararaquara.com.br. For more information on the XFC, visit www.XFCMMA.com.


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