XFCi 10: Official Weigh-In Results | Fighters are Ready for the Night of Champions at the XFC International Center

This Saturday, July 4th, starting at 10:40pm BRT (9:40 pm EST), is the Night of Champions in São Paulo, Brasil at the new XFC International Center. The event will showcase two Season II Tournament Finals: men’s Bantamweight and women’s Strawweight, followed by four Semifinal Tournament fights: men’s Featherweight and Lightweight. The semifinal matchups of the night will leave us with two tournament final matchups to look forward to. With the official results of the weigh-ins complete and the Night of Champions just one day away, emotions are now heightened for fighters and fans alike.


In the first co-main event of the night, Finland’s Vuokko Katainen will face Viviane Pereira of Brasil for the Strawweight Tournament Championship. Vuokko Katainen weighed in at 53.3 kg, putting her overweight by 1.1 kg. Her opponent, Viviane Pereira, saw 51.6 kg on the scale. Katainen loses 50% of her base purse to Viviane Pereira as a weight penalty. In the second co-main and final event of the night, James Gray of the United States will be in the heXagon with Brasil’s Daniel Virginio for a beatdown that will leave just one man in possession of the Bantamweight Tournament Gold. Gray and Virginio made weight with ease, both at 61.2 kg.


Fernando dos Santos and Rubenilton Pereira, both from Brasil, will ignite the night in the XFCi 10 initial matchup for the Lightweight Tournament Semifinal, as both made weight with dos Santos at 70.3 kg and Pereira at 70.2 kg. The next Lightweight Tournament Semifinal will have Egypt’s Mohamed Badawy, who, at 72 kg, was overweight by 1.7 kg, facing Willian Cilli of Brasil, at 70.3 kg, in hopes of advancing to the Lightweight Tournament Final. Badawy loses 50% of his base purse to Willian Cilli. Moving onto the Featherweight Tournament matchups, the Night of Champions will include Brasil’s Missael Silva against Pedro Falcao, who is also a native of Brasil. These men saw 65.8 kg on the scales, both making exact weight. Later in the night we will see Venezuela’s Ranfi Rivas, at 65.8 kg, and Brasil’s Guilherme Faria, at 66 kg, putting him overweight by .2 kg, duel it out in the heXagon for an advancing spot in the tournament. Similarly, Faria loses 50% of his base purse to Willian Cilli. The winners of these two Featherweight bouts will advance to the Season II Tournament Final.


The Night of Champions is now just one day away! Fighters are focusing all energy toward this memorable night. This will be the first event at the new XFC International Center, which will now be home to an XFC corporate base and training center. XFC is proud to plant its roots even deeper in Brazilian soil through the inauguration of the XFC International Center.

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